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The biotech industry seeks out the cutting edge in medicine to take on the world’s most critical unmet medical needs. BioNews’ next-generation approach to online marketing and promotion is a perfect complement to your firm’s efforts to meet key marketing and promotion objectives.

Traditional marketing and promotional activities in the biotech and life sciences industries include mass marketing campaigns to drive awareness and generate leads for a wide range of objectives. Whether it’s for clinical trial recruitment, pharmaceutical advertising, lead generation, or patient education, television and radio ads, promotion on health websites, partnering with advocacy groups, and call center-led efforts are all common practices.

BioNews Services’ unique promotional products and services offer a different approach to your firm’s traditional approach to marketing, advertising, and recruitment efforts. Our services can function as a complement to your current campaigns, helping to increase conversion rates, awareness, and consistency in meeting your goals.

How BioNews’ Products & Services Can Contribute To Your Current Efforts:

Custom Content Marketing campaigns raise awareness among patient, physician, researcher & investor demographics.

Social Media campaigns target niche groups and take your message or push it viral to the people who count.

News-driven Clinical Trial Recruitment campaigns work in tandem with your current recruitment efforts.

Targeted Advertising on disease-specific websites maximize CTR and conversions.


Make Social Media Engagement work for Clinical Trial Recruitment, Patient Education, Lead Generation and more. Find out how BioNews Services can help you meet your biotech and life sciences marketing needs through our social media platform:

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