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BioNews Services’ digital news campaigns are optimized so that they dominate targeted online communities for specific diseases. As a result, clients can raise awareness of their offerings in a non-branded content environment where trust and authority lead to higher conversion rates for digital campaigns than typically seen in outbound, traditional marketing and promotion efforts.

Leveraging Health & Biotech News Online

Accessing the news remains a top use of the internet for adult demographics worldwide, and health and biotech-related news/information content remains a leading focus for online users. The search for fresh, reliable, and authoritative news and information online offers a direct channel into patient groups and key target demographics for biotech and life sciences firms. According to a Pearson survey¹, the following user groups fuel the health and biotech news information tyrannic channels on the web today:

77% of men and 66% of women use the internet to get their news on a daily basis.

85% of women and 75% of men use the internet regularly to get health information online.

70% of middle-aged (30–64) people online are more likely than the youth demographic or seniors to access health and medical information using the web.

These statistics reveal that health and biotech news triangulates some of the most active, engaged users on the web today. Being able to disseminate your message within the flow of health and biotech news gives you direct, short-term access into the user groups that you are looking to target online.

BioNews Services’ Patient Education Campaigns

Thanks to BioNews Services’ ever-growing network of disease-specific news websites, health & biotech firms have access to a unique and dynamic web channel for reaching specific patient populations in a direct, trustworthy manner through patient education campaigns. Patient education can be achieved through BioNews’ expert editorial staff, who can research topics within certain health-related parameters and craft news and information campaigns to bring those topics to light in target groups online. These promoted stories find their way into the news, offering an optimal platform for achieving your marketing and promotional objectives online.

Make Patient Education work for Clinical Trial Recruitment, Lead Generation, Advertising Campaigns and more. Find out how BioNews Services can help you meet your biotech and life sciences marketing needs through our Patient Education services:

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[1] “Different people use the internet in different ways” InfoPlease