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BioNews Services’ network of digital news sites are accompanied by a robust social media platform that offers unparalleled access to targeted user groups online. Together with our news content model, our social media channels can drive high-converting web traffic to help you meet your biotech and life sciences-related marketing and recruiting objectives. Find out how you can tap in to BioNews’ social media network and engage with the right people online.

Engaging readers through social media channels is a key component of BioNews’ suite of services. Unlike other news websites, BioNews uses social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest to pro-actively target the niche groups that our clients are looking to engage with by promoting our disease-specific news to the people who care the most about it. By using this approach, BioNews has developed its social networks into a direct access point to the patient populations you want to reach.

BioNews' top-performing Facebook accounts offer the most engage audiences for specific diseases, boasting engagement metrics that eclipse even the most active nonprofits and advocacy groups.

By promoting disease-specific news on social media to niche patient groups, BioNews can leverage high engagement rates to meet your marketing objectives.

BioNews pairs Twitter accounts with every news website we operate, allowing us to network with influencers and foster viral tweets of our content.

Through social media, BioNews can get patient groups talking, commenting, and sharing about your brand, product, or news.

Through our social media platform, any user group can be targeted: patients, physicians, researchers, investors, influencers, and more.

Make Social Media Engagement work for Clinical Trial Recruitment, Patient Education, Lead Generation and more. Find out how BioNews Services can help you meet your biotech and life sciences marketing needs through our social media platform:

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