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Clinical trial recruitment remains one of the most persistent bottlenecks in the drug development process. For large-cap pharmaceutical companies, missed milestones in clinical trial recruitment can add up to billions lost in revenues.

For small drug developers, sluggish clinical trial recruitment can put the very viability of a company at risk. At BioNews Services, our proven approach to clinical trial recruitment relies on a niche, inbound approach, promoting clinical trials to the people who are most likely to seek them out. The result is a leaner, cost-effective recruitment campaign that finishes on-time and on-budget.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Challenges:

At 32% of total clinical trial cost¹, patient recruitment is the biggest cost associated with the process.

The average per-patient cost is about $5,500 for a Phase I trial; $6,500 for a Phase II trial; and more than $7,600 for a Phase III trial.²

In spite of the time, money and resources spent, on average, clinical trials run 25% over their deadline¹ due to ineffective recruitment methods.

Delays caused by clinical trial recruitment lead to lost revenues and can put pre-revenue drug developers out of business.

In published studies on clinical trial recruitment challenges³, researchers agree that inbound marketing approaches to recruiting are essential and effective.

Traditional, outbound marketing methods are still used to recruit for clinical trials, leading to wasted time and money. In spite of ever-increasing recruitment budgets, trials still consistently come up short in meeting deadlines and budgets.

Outmoded, outbound clinical trial recruitment methods include:

  • Cold-Calling: Complex, inflexible call centers mine reams of patient contact information and make cold calls about trials, yielding extremely low conversion rates.
  • Mass Marketing: Radio and TV commercials, ads in local newspapers, and advertorials on large-cap health websites waste ad spend resources on users who are not part of the target audience.
  • Test Center Management: Drug developers and CROs spend copious amounts of money sending specialized managers all over the country to motivate testing centers to continue local recruitment.

A New Approach to Recruiting Clinical Trial Participants:

BioNews Services takes a completely different approach to these traditional methods in recruiting clinical trial participants. Through niche, targeted promotion of news content, inbound marketing methods, and the use of multiple web traffic channels, our approach is leaner, more flexible, and more sustainable, allowing your company to complete clinical trial enrollment on time and on budget.

Find Out How Our Solution For Recruiting Clinical Trial Participants Can Work For You:

BioNews' Clinical Trial Recruitment

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