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Retain Clinical Trial Participants

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Retain Clinical Trial Participants

There’s more to managing clinical trial participants than simply recruiting them. Keeping participants actively engaged and compliant in a trial is critical to achieving positive results. Learn how BioNews can manage participant engagement throughout the entire lifecycle of your clinical trial.

Challenges Faced in Clinical Trial Participant Retention:

Clinical trial recruitment and enrollment challenges don’t end with the final patient enrolled. Adding to the fact that the recruitment process is the leading cost driver in clinical trials¹, retaining participants and keeping them engaged and compliant in the process is equally as daunting for drug development companies.

The investment made in recruiting clinical trial participants is enormous, amounting to 32% of a trial's budget¹.

On average it costs $5,500 per patient for a Phase I trial; $6,500 for a Phase II trial; & $7,600+ for a Phase III trial².

In spite of this front-end investment, an average of 25% of clinical trial participants quit the trial² or fail to remain compliant.

Studies reveal that clinical trial participants quit trials or fail to comply due to a lack of communication with the trial administrators and feeling disconnected with the trial process³.

Experts in the industry agree that utilizing advocates can greatly improve clinical trial participant retention. While traditional advocacy groups are indeed valuable to this process, BioNews Services’ offers a completely different kind of advocacy channel that allows us to open and maintain a direct line of communication with trial participants. Our participant retention services:

  • Keep people in the loop about the trial and what they need to do to remain compliant.
  • Educate participants on goals and potential benefits of completing a successful trial.
  • Provide information about testing centers, appointments, trial participation criteria, and other critically important information that is often difficult to find or access.
  • Involve participants in the process and reinforce how essential they are to successfully completing trials.

As a news content leader in a wide range of diseases, BioNews leverages its trust and authority with patient populations to meet these objectives. Together with our clinical trial recruitment services, we can mange the entire lifecycle of a clinical trial participant’s role in the process, from enrollment to completion.

Find Out How Our Solution For Recruiting Clinical Trial Participants Can Work For You:

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