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BioNews offers clients access to a highly engaged, interactive community that has multiple touch points that is responsive to advertising, market research, surveys, and outreach, leading to incredible open and click rates.

BioNews Builds Online Patient Communities:

All of the digital assets that BioNews manages online, from disease-specific news websites and vibrant social media communities to engaging resource and multimedia content, work toward building engaged, dynamic patient populations that are otherwise difficult for biotech and healthcare companies to penetrate. Because BioNews serves these patient populations with news, information, and support that is otherwise lacking online, our clients can gain unique access to patients in order to enroll clinical trials, market pharmaceuticals, and generate leads.

Niche, disease-specific news websites keep patients coming back daily to access the latest news.

Info and resource content complements news and builds trust in online patient communities.

Social media engagement leads to interaction and sharing among patient groups.

Custom, multimedia content increases viral sharing and reaches deep into patient populations.

 All of these BioNews-based digital assets work together to:

  • Bring patients back to our news websites daily, leading them to interact with your ads and custom content.
  • Engage patients in discussion on popular social media channels, increasing engagement and participation that advances your campaign.
  • Share custom content in tight-knit communities, organically expanding your reach in a trusted, non-branded manner.

Read More About Our Community Building Process:

BioNews uses market, content, and health research to identify patient populations that are underserved on the web in terms of news, reliable information resources, and social media outreach. Websites and accompanying social media accounts are launched based on our research, as well as for new clients looking to tap into patient populations.
Our news group quickly ramps up daily news production, producing new science, research and advocacy stories for the patient groups we serve. Our steady news coverage leads to inclusion into Google News and accelerated growth in growing social media followings — essential for effective distribution of news.
The primary interaction point with patients takes place in social media spheres, where our community managers leverage our news content to lead discussion and encourage debate, sharing of ideas, and an active community.
BioNews is constantly engaged in building patient-specific patient e-mail lists and clinical trial notification registries. These lists allow us to survey and interact with patients through e-mail — one of the most effective means of reaching people.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation:

Time and time again, our approach has helped biotech and life sciences companies meet their marketing and promotion objectives. If you are interested in hearing more about our services, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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