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“Evergreen” Resource Content That Ranks in Search

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“Evergreen” Resource Content That Ranks in Search

Our active news sites include a volume of patient resource and information pages. This “evergreen” content gives patients reliable information about diseases, treatments, and insights into improving patient outcomes that unlike the news remains topical to patients.

The Power of Ranking in Search

People continue to look to Google and other search engines for reliable information on a wide range of topics, including health. Often times, reliable information about chronic, rare diseases is as rare as the disease itself. as a result, having high visibility in search engines is an effective way to connect with patient populations and draw them in to becoming regular, daily users.

BioNews Services complements its news coverage with search engine optimized (SEO) health resources and information that is published and promoted in an effort to rank well in Google. Our team of content creators are well-versed in SEO best practices and work to ensure that health-related content is clear, accurate, and written for patient and search engine consumption.

Our “evergreen” resource content can be a powerful tool for advertisers, offering a targeted approach to keywords that they wish to rank for in search engines. Our websites already boast optimised health resource pages, and more pages can be published and promoted as a complement to content campaigns.

As an example, a resource content campaign for one of our clients on our Obesity News Today website led to an 86% increase in organic web traffic to the website, covering topics related to bariatric surgery. Now, the site ranks high for a wealth of keywords related to that niche:


search engine ranking

Find out more about how BioNews Services can utilize resource content to enhance your online campaigns.

Read More About Our SEO / Resource Building Process:

Publishing, promoting and ranking optimized resource pages begins with in-depth keyword research. BioNews Services has the skills to identify keyword groups that offer optimal exposure for clients looking to target specific niches. Both short (‘short tail’) keywords and long (‘Long tail’) keyword phrases are targeted.
Topics are meticulously researched and fact checked for accuracy and clarity. Drafts are then SEO’ed and edited before being published and promoted through a white hat off-site SEO campaign.

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Time and time again, our approach has helped biotech and life sciences companies meet their marketing and promotion objective. If you are interested in hearing more about our  services, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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