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News Coverage — the “Gold Standard”

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News Coverage — the “Gold Standard”

Daily news coverage remains the hallmark of our offerings. News is a true “gold standard” in digital content, establishing a high level of trust and authority with readers that makes advertising and promotion on our websites exceedingly effective for biotech clients.

When it comes to building trust and authority online, offering news coverage and valuable information resources leads the way.

The news, when presented in an unbiased and steady manner, is a powerful means of reaching patient communities, since those who suffer from chronic, rare, and incurable diseases are keen to remain up-to-date on the latest therapies and findings. BioNews websites are predicated on daily news coverage of the latest science, research, and advocacy developments, keeping our readers well-informed and engaged in the quest for improved treatments and eventual cures.

BioNews’ news team is a full-fledged news operation that boasts a robust editorial operation and 24-hours news cycle. Our team:

Produces 35+ original news articles across our network of news websites daily.

Reports on the latest research studies, often overlooked by the rest of health and biotech media.

Utilizes multiple levels of quality control in news reporting, including Managing Editors, Copy Editors & Fact Checkers.

Features proven US journalists in its editorial process, including a Pulitzer prize-nominated editor.

inclusion into Google News, ensuring that articles get high search engine visibility.

BioNews’ commitment to the highest levels of quality in news reporting:

  • Reinforces patients’ trust of our daily content, leading to higher levels of sharing and engagement.
  • Gives advertisers a prime location to reach active, engaged users.
  • Leads to a steady, reliable stream of relevant traffic for ad and content campaigns

Read More About Our News Content Process:

The Managing Editors of our news websites source new news stories for the diseases we cover every day, ensuring that our coverage remains up to date. Writers produce news stories in a 24-hour deadline, meaning that all of our sites offer the latest stories to patients.
Our team of news writers includes a wide range of talent, including both PhD-level researchers, MDs, and professional journalists. The combination of journalistic skill together with research and medical backgrounds ensures that we get the story right, while also presenting it in a way that patients can easily understand.
After our writers are finished their drafts, their work is carefully reviewed and edited by professional copy editors and fact checkers. All of our stories are rigorously worked to ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and engagement.

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