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Niche, Disease-Specific Websites

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Niche, Disease-Specific Websites

Rather than operating a single health website that contains news and information about a wide range of diseases, each of our disease-specific websites are niche-focused on a particular disease type. This approach allows us to capture 100% relevant site traffic that, when matched with client ads or content, leads to maximum engagement with patients.

Niche News Sites Exclusively Target Patients:

BioNews sites generally only cover one disease, with all of the website’s news, resource pages, and social media being directed at a single target group or patient population. The result is an audience that is 100% targeted and focused on that disease. From the patient/user perspective, this niche approach to digital content fosters trust and authority, with BioNews websites functioning as dynamic communities that include an interchange of content and perspectives within patient populations. For our clients, the focus allows them to reach deeply into their target patient population through trusted content channels.

Here are some key perspectives on how BioNews’ niche, disease-specific news websites can help you achieve your digital marketing objectives:

News & info sites branded according to diseases attract only the patient population you want to target.

Steady news coverage keeps people coming back to the site daily.

News, info pages & social media focused on one disease creates a one-stop web resource

Ads, custom content and sponsored messaging are delivered directly into targeted patient populations.

 BioNews’ niche, disease-specific websites help our clients to:

  • Optimize their digital marketing efforts by only focusing on specific patient populations.
  • Reach deep into patient user groups online to deliver branding and messaging.
  • Align with the trust and authority that BioNews websites have established with online users.

Read More About How We Choose Our Websites:

For many people who suffer from rare and chronic diseases, there are very few resources available to them online. News content for these diseases tends to focus on researchers, physicians, and investors, and is otherwise hard to find. We look for holes in news reporting for diseases as a first indicator of an opportunity for a BioNews news site.
In order to ensure that a news site is viable, BioNews researches several key variables. These include the number of experimental and approved therapies, number of open clinical trials, number of published studies monthly in PubMed, patient population size, coverage in Google News, and group size on social media platforms such as Facebook.
Once we’ve earmarked a disease type for a new BioNews website, we consult with our editorial team to ensure that the disease can be covered in the news. Our editorial staff includes writers and editors from both journalistic and research/backgrounds, ensuring that our news and resource content is top-notch.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation:

Time and time again, our approach has helped biotech and life sciences companies meet their marketing and promotion objectives. If you are interested in hearing more about our services, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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