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Social Media For a Personalized Touch

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Social Media For a Personalized Touch

The BioNews social media team are our most prolific in producing content and making direct patient contact. Our team produces more than 500 “Social Clips” each month, which include multimedia graphics, videos, and other immensely sharable content pieces that strike up conversation in the social media sphere and are positioned to go “viral” in patient communities.

Social Media Properties Supercharge Patient Engagement:

In the world of digital publishings, news websites typically focus solely on news, using their Facebook and Twitter accounts to distribute their news content. BioNews’ use of social media goes far beyond this unidimensional model. Our team of talented social media managers not only promote and distribute our news content, but also create “Social Clips” — poignant, engaging content made specifically for interaction on social media accounts. Together with hands-on communication with the patients who follow us online, our social media properties are vibrant, active patient communities that constantly grow and foster sharing all around the web.

Here are some of our focus areas for social media content:

Facebook -- Our accounts boast some of the hight engagement rates for diseases on the entire Facebook platform.

Twitter -- Robust Twitter accounts help to quickly distribute news content as it is published.

LinkedIn -- Our team leverages disease-specific Groups as well as Pulse to drive traffic and awareness.

Pinterest -- Our original multimedia content thrives on Pinterest, which is home to a large proportion of our patient communities.

Reddit -- BioNews content is promoted on Reddit and drives some of the most intense viral campaigns in our social media sphere.

 BioNews’ social media management efforts help our clients to:

  • Directly reach the patients they are looking to engage.
  • Distribute custom content into hard-to-access online communities.
  • Drive targeted traffic to branding and messaging on a BioNews web property that helps Biotech companies meet their online marketing needs.


Read More About Our Social Media Process:

The content produced on BioNews websites is promoted through targeted campaigns using social media ad platforms. The ability to target specific patient populations allows us to pair our content with the right demographic, which in turn builds social media awareness, increases quality web traffic, and bolsters patient lists for direct outreach.
Our social media accounts are more than just automated distribution accounts for our news — they are vibrant, active patient communities where discussion and debate takes place. This interaction is the result of our talented community managers who utilize our content to lead and prompt discussions and encourage sharing.
Our news content is complemented by a unique content type called “Social Clips” that our social team produces and promotes daily. These Social Clips contain graphics and videos related to the disease that we cover, which are shared by our team. The content drives enormous amounts of traffic to our sites while also stoking discussion in the social media world.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation:

Time and time again, our approach has helped biotech and life sciences companies meet their marketing and promotion objective. If you are interested in hearing more about our  services, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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