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In an industry dominated by ad impressions, biotech and life sciences advertisers are looking to garner the largest amount of impressions possible on the largest health-related digital content platforms. However, for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other health-related companies who are marketing drugs, devices, and services for specific disease types, the vast majority of the impressions paid for on wide-ranging health websites are wasted on users who are not viable prospects.

BioNews Services operates a wide network of stand-alone daily digital news websites that cover specific diseases. Because of this approach, only users who have a vested interest in a particular disease indication visit our websites and engage with our content. For your company, this means that 100% of your ad impressions on a BioNews site are in-line with our user demographics. Best of all, our lean, efficient approach to driving targeted web traffic not only makes us a quality leader in digital health advertising, but a price leader as well.

To get a deeper understanding of how advertising with BioNews can deliver CTR and conversions for your product or service above industry benchmarks, be sure to read our case studies.

Read More About Biotech & Life Sciences Advertising with BioNews:

Rather than building one monolithic news site, BioNews continues to expand its network of niche websites that cover specific diseases. This content model, together with our aggressive demographic targeting on search engines and via social media, ensures that ads on our sites perform above industry benchmarks for click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. Because the only users interacting with BioNews content are people interested in the specific diseases we cover, there are no wasted impressions or empty ad visibility — when your ad is paired with one of our disease-specific sites, you’re guaranteed to get your product or brand in front of a targeted audience.
BioNews’ disease-specific news websites offer readers daily, up-to-date news about the diseases they are following online. Our high level of commitment to the patient populations we serve and the consistency in which we publish news leads to a level of trust and authority that filters down to our ad clients. Advertising on a BioNews site gives advertisers a non-branded approach to promoting their brand, product or service to a user base that is both targeted and open to messaging that pertains to their disease focus.
While all BioNews websites are internationally focused, our ad system allows advertising clients to geotarget in a number of ways. Whether you are conducting a marketing campaign on a national level or looking to reach people in a specific state or city, our ads can be geotargeted so that only the people you want to target see your ads. This is a perfect way to add increased value and performance to your ad campaign.
All BioNews websites offer in-depth monthly reports that include number of impressions, CTR, and number of clicks. Additional site data, such as unique pageviews, time of page/site, bounce/exit rates, and conversion rate can also be integrated into ad reports so that advertising clients get the best perspective on how their ads are performing on the front end.

See How Our ad Performance Stacks Up vs. the Competitors:

Thanks to our niche advertising and publishing model, BioNews’ ad placements beat the industry benchmarks in CTR, as published by SmartInsights:

Average Header Ad (Leaderboard 728 x 90) CTR: .45% (Industry Benchmark: .08%)

Average Wide Sidebar Ad (Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600) CTR: .15% (Industry Benchmark: .11%)

Average Narrow Sidebar Ad (Narrow Skyscraper 160 x 600) CTR: .3% (Industry Benchmark: .08%)

Average In-Article Ad (Medium Rectangle 300 x 250) CTR: 1.6 - 4.0% (Industry Benchmark: .13%)

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Time and time again, our advertising platform has helped biotech companies meet their marketing and promotion objectives online. If you are interested in hearing more about our advertising rates, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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