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twitter biotech marketingTwitter is among the most immediate and fluid social media networks on the web today, with an estimated 305 million monthly active users signing in and interacting with content. The easy-to-use microblogging site allows users to quickly share and tag news, information, and insights, often using hashtags such as #MS, #CF, and #cancer to deleniate content that is specific to a particular disease. BioNews Services engages Twitter in its active social media strategy, which can quickly take content viral and raise awareness about news and other important content.

Twitter is used for more than just pushing through news content. It is a platform for one-to-one interaction with patient groups. Much like our work on Facebook, BioNews Services’ social team uses unique strategies to engage patients and increase there awareness of campaigns and projects on our websites.

The Twitter format can be particularly useful for coverage of biotech conferences and events. For previous events, BioNews Twitter properties have dominated news coverage, such as our coverage of #SSc16 on Scleroderma News:

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As well as our coverage of #ACTRIMS2016 on Multiple Sclerosis News Today:#ACTRIMS2016

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Time and time again, our Twitter platform has helped biotech companies meet their marketing and promotion objectives online. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can use Twitter to help you achieve your online marketing objectives, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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