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Clinical trial enrollment is known to be the Achilles’ heel of the drug development process. Traditional clinical trial recruitment methods rely on outmoded “outbound” marketing and promotion efforts, such as cold calling, radio advertisements, and mass marketing. The result is an often heavy-handed, high-cost process that wastes resources and fails to deliver clinical trial participants within the time and budget parameters of the trial.

For Big Pharma, delayed clinical trials mean the potential loss of billions in revenue. For small drug developers, failing to enroll a clinical trial can have a devastating impact on the business.

At BioNews Services, we are on the cutting edge of lean, effective clinical trial recruitment for drug developers of all sizes. Rather than using expensive, inflexible call centers and mass marketing that wastes exposure on the wrong patient demographic, BioNews utilizes a next-generation “inbound” marketing approach to promote your company’s clinical trial and drive patient referrals. Our network of disease-specific websites and social media, together with optimized daily news content and vigorous social media and search engine exposure leverages niche marketing practices to ensure that only people who have an interest in a particular disease are exposed to your trial. These “self-selecting” users discover our optimized news content and organically engage with a fully HIPAA-compliant clinical trial sign-up process that delivers referrals directly from our website to specific investigational centers, where they then can be followed up with.

To read more about the results we can deliver for your clinical trial enrollment needs, take a look at our clinical trialĀ recruitment case studies for a wide range of different drug developers and diseases.

Our Clinical Trial Recruitment Process at a Glance:

Target the patient populations & user groups you're looking for.

Inbound marketing approach yields high conversion rate.

Social media promotion of content leads to viral promotion.

Search engine-driven clinical trial recruitment leads.

Fully HIPAA-compliant privacy & security.

Collect valuable patient and user data for optimized campaigns.

Read More about Our Clinical Trial Recruitment Process:

BioNews Services’ clinical trial recruitment campaigns begin with a comprehensive assessment of your project needs and goals. Our expert account managers drill down deep into available data on patient populations, user behaviors, disease metrics, search engine traffic for relevant keywords, and social media buzz to determine the optimal channels for reaching potential trial participants. Campaigns can be launched on one of BioNews Services’ 30+ disease-specific websites (click here for a full list), or a new niche site can be built to your specifications to target specific indications. Because of BioNews’ lean, flexible campaign model, we can have your clinical trial recruiting online in a matter of days.
Optimized, niche news content is the hallmark of our clinical trial recruitment services at BioNews. Our team of writers are editors are both PhD researchers and journalists who have a proven method for sourcing topics and stories relevant to the patient populations that you want to target. As news content is published and promoted around the web and readers visit the website, they encounter ads and calls to action that lead them to your clinical trial sign-up forms. By writing about only one disease and publishing the news on disease-specific news site, our online publications organically filter out wasted impressions and mismatched users so that only patients with the disease you are targeting and their families and friends are the ones reading the content and interacting with your recruitment campaign.
BioNews uses a wide range of online channels to promote our content to the people who you want to make contact with. Most of our websites are included in Google News, which offers keyword-based filtering that delivers targeted traffic to our websites. Social media also plays a major role, with Facebook and Twitter providing a direct channel to niche patient populations. BioNews uses these social media sites’ ad platforms’ to target content according to geographical location and disease type, ensuring that only people interested in the disease interact with it.
Ads and calls to action for your clinical trial are IRB-approved and embedded in the articles and websites that are part of your campaign. When readers click on these ads, they are taken to an interactive clinical trial map that resides on each of our websites. This map features a push pin-style marker for all of your trial’s investigational centers so that readers can quickly and easily find the test site closest to them, as well as all exclusion criteria for the trial. When a user clicks on a map marker, an info box appears with the name and address of the test site, as well as a contact form that collects names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. Once a user submits this information, it is automatically e-mailed to the test site through a streamlined, automated process that does not involve the drug developer in any way.
BioNews Services’ automated system also performs e-mail follow-ups with those who have submitted contact forms to ensure that they have been contacted by the investigational site nearest to them. Through this auditing process, we can provide you with insights into how efficient test sites are in reaching out to possible participants. This system can also be used to interact with people once they can been enrolled into a trial in order to foster improved communication and patient compliance in the trial.
Unlike an ad campaign, BioNews’ clinical trial recruitment campaigns are service-based. This means that your account is managed daily by an account manager as well as a team of writers, editors, and social media managers who work together to ensure the highest level of success. Monthly reports are generated and client meetings are scheduled to keep your campaign on track.
Our platform offers full HIPAA compliance, ensuring that all patient information collected meets the strict criteria for privacy and security.

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Time and time again, our online clinical trial recruiting process has helped drug developers remain on-time and on-budget with their enrollment needs. If you are interested in hearing more about our clinical trial recruitment platform, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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