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Facebook is the largest, most active and diverse social media network in the world. Due to not only the sheer size of its user base — which includes over 1.49 billion active Facebook users per month — but also the amount of user data that their platform collects, Facebook is an optimal social media sphere for connecting with patients. Through the use of their incredibly targeted ad platform as well as a search and distribution algorithm that continues to evolve in terms of delivering relevant news content to users, disease-specific patient groups are most easily and directly targeted on Facebook. For this reason, BioNews has invested heavily in our Facebook presence.

Rather than operating one large, generalized Facebook page for all of our health and science news, we have created carefully branded Facebook pages that coincide with our news websites in order to maximize our branding and build tight-knit, achieve, and engaged patient communities.

Here are some quick facts about our Facebook presence:

BioNews has over 60,000 Facebook followers across 40+ disease-specific accounts.

All of our Facebook pages combine for a page reach of over 264,000

Our fully staffed social media team works our pages daily and interacts with users.

Facebook is an essential tool that BioNews uses to reach out to patients and build communities online. Here’s how we do it:

BioNews taps into Facebook’s vast database of user insights to identify and target users who have a connection to a particular disease, whether they are patients, family members, physicians, or researchers. Using this targeting feature, we cultivate our presence online for each of our disease-specific websites.
BioNews uses Facebook pages to build vibrant, engaged patient communities on Facebook that interact with our content on a daily basis. This activity begins with our Facebook pages, which grow passively over time and experience accelerated growth through our targeted, disease-specific content campaigns. The results are closely followed pages that can drive high-quality traffic to advertisers’ ads and content.
Many online publications simply use their Facebook pages as conduits to automatically distribute their news content. At BioNews, we complement our news distribution with active community management. Each disease-specific Facebook account as a community manager who engages with users and creates interactive dialogues that prompt activity with our content.

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Time and time again, our Facebook platform has helped biotech companies meet their marketing and promotion objectives online. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can use Facebook to help you achieve your online marketing objectives, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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