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HIPAA complianceLaunched in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) had a major impact on data collection and storage, as well as patient privacy. When it comes to interacting with patients, prospective clinical trial participants, or any other online project that involves collecting sensitive health data, health and biotech firms need to be aware of HIPAA requirements and ensure that all of their activities are compliant with the law.

At BioNews Services, because many of our service offerings involve the collection of data for our clients’ campaigns, we take adherence to patient privacy and medical data protection seriously. BioNews offers 100% HIPAA compliance, ensuring that all protected health information (PHI) is safely collected and stored in secure servers.

BioNews Services’ HIPAA Compliance Features:

The data collection component of BioNews’ platform is driven by SurveyMonkey‘s HIPAA-compliant accounts. Their proven data collection and storage systems meet all of the criteria for ensuring that PHI is secure at all times. BioNews does not store any patient data or PHI on its own servers; all of this data is safely kept in SurveyMonkey’s secure server, ensuring that our clients are engaging in HIPAA-compliant practices.

The safeguard features that come with our HIPAA-enabled server through SurveyMonkey are rigorous and include the following:

  • Regular risk assessments of systems to ensure that safeguards remain relevant and effective

  • Assigned security team which is responsible for maintaining compliance with HIPAA’s security requirements

  • Screening, authorization, and training of SurveyMonkey staff who come into contact with customer PHI

  • Data backup plans

  • Disaster recovery plans

  • Systems regularly monitored, updated, and patched

  • Incident response plan that includes reporting of security incidents to affected covered entities

  • All communications with SurveyMonkey servers encrypted with SSL

  • Security reminders that are automatically triggered when PHI is accessed in any way.

  • Automatic logoff that engages after 30 minutes of inactivity on our HIPAA-enabled access to the server.

  • Granular logging details to ensure only approved administrators have access to data.

  • A robust online account interface with direct access to BioNews’ business associate agreement (BAA) with SurveyMonkey.

With these systems in place, our clients can engage in a wide range of promotional and recruitment campaigns on BioNews’ network with full confidence that the HIPAA standards governing PHI are being fully enforced and safeguarded at all times.

How HIPAA Fuels Targeted Marketing

Because BioNews has the technology to safely collect, store, and utilize PHI, our services benefit from being able to target highly niche patient groups by parsing collected information. Through this “Big Data” approach, BioNews can give you direct access to small, hard-to-access demographics, ensuring that your campaign is reaching the right groups and not wasting resources on mass advertising.

There are a variety of ways that BioNews can collect HIPAA-compliant patient data for niche marketing campaigns:

Clinical Trial Map

Contact Forms

E-mail Campaigns & Surveys

Clinical Trial Registry

A New Approach to Recruiting Clinical Trial Participants:

BioNews Services’ takes a completely different approach to recruiting clinical trial participants. Through niche, targeted promotion of news content fueled by HIPAA-compliant data collection, inbound marketing methods, and the use of multiple web traffic channels, our approach is leaner, more flexible, and more sustainable, allowing your company to complete clinical trial enrollment on time and on budget.

Find Out How Our Solution For Recruiting Clinical Trial Participants Can Work For You:

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