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BioNews Services is a leading online health, science and research publication company, delivering daily, targeted news, information resources and social media content directly to targeted patient and caregiver populations via more than 50 disease specific digital publications

BioNews’ web assets provide patients with much-needed news and information about the latest developments in treating diseases through niche, disease-specific news websites and complementary social media platforms. These platforms provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies direct access to patient and caregiver populations allowing for unique communication and interaction channels.  This intimate level of touch helps companies accelerate their online patient-centric marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

If you are looking to access hard-to-reach patients for pharmaceutical marketing, clinical trial recruitment, or targeted branding, BioNews’ trust and authority in delivering reliable news and engaging digital content is an unparalleled avenue toward achieving these objectives more quickly, efficiently and effectively than traditional biotech and healthcare media channels.

Meeting the Challenges of Patient Engagement

Marketing and promotion strategies for the biotech industry are no longer exclusive to targeting physicians and healthcare providers. Direct patient engagement is now the most effective means of achieving marketing goals, as people with chronic diseases are increasingly pro-active in accessing information about treatment options online and participating in the treatment decision process with their health care provider.

Online, patient-centric marketing and promotion is the new vanguard for biotech, and yet even in the digital domain, media channels still largely miss the mark. Biotech and healthcare resources tend to be focused mainly on physicians, researchers, and investors, all while casting a wide net over patient communities, failing to provide targeted reach for advertisers.

Being able to reach niche patient populations for specific diseases in a direct manner remains a major unmet need in digital marketing and promotion.

BioNews Services: Direct Patient Engagement Through Digital Content

BioNews Services’ leading online health, science and research publication model offers unparalleled reach into patient populations online. By delivering daily, targeted news, information resources and social media on niche, disease-specific websites and social media accounts, BioNews leverages trust, authority and relevance to deliver advertisers and sponsors access to a deeply engaged, receptive audience.

Our digital assets include:

Over 50 disease-specific news websites, publishing the latest science, research and advocacy news daily.

Comprehensive online health resources for diseases and treatment on each website that rank well in search engines.

Vibrant, active social media platforms for each website on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Creation and promotion of viral multimedia content that connects with patient populations.

The nexus of these digital assets, together with BioNews’ versatile content creation team consisting of researchers, journalists, and social media experts provide unparalleled access into online patient communities for the life sciences industry.

What We Do

  • Build Communities

    BioNews offers clients access to a highly engaged, interactive community that has multiple touch points that is responsive to advertising, market research, surveys, and outreach, leading to incredible open and click rates.
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  • Custom Content Campaigns

    The BioNews websites give our clients the ability to sponsor patient education and awareness content campaigns that can shed light on new technologies, treatment options, and other key talking points that serve to form the basis of an effective digital marketing strategy.
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  • Social Media For a Personalized Touch

    The BioNews social media team are our most prolific in producing content and making direct patient contact. Our team produces more than 500 “Social Clips” each month, which include multimedia graphics, videos, and other immensely sharable content pieces that strike up conversation in the social media sphere and are positioned to go “viral” in patient […]
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  • “Evergreen” Resource Content That Ranks in Search

    Our active news sites include a volume of patient resource and information pages. This “evergreen” content gives patients reliable information about diseases, treatments, and insights into improving patient outcomes that unlike the news remains topical to patients.
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  • News Coverage — the “Gold Standard”

    Daily news coverage remains the hallmark of our offerings. News is a true “gold standard” in digital content, establishing a high level of trust and authority with readers that makes advertising and promotion on our websites exceedingly effective for biotech clients.
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  • Niche, Disease-Specific Websites

    Rather than operating a single health website that contains news and information about a wide range of diseases, each of our disease-specific websites are niche-focused on a particular disease type. This approach allows us to capture 100% relevant site traffic that, when matched with client ads or content, leads to maximum engagement with patients.
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Our Numbers

In the last year we have accomplished some pretty amazing things.....
200+ +Web Properties
20000+ +Articles Published
500000+ +Social Shares
5000000+ +Unique Visitors



Clinical Trials

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