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Marketing and promotion in biotech doesn’t always begin on day one of a clinical trial or some arbitrary launch date; planning a successful campaign means cultivating a community around a new idea and steadily bringing the public around to understanding and embracing it. BioNews offers the most effective means of patient education and awareness due to our unique, non-branded approach to web traffic production. Through the use of daily, consistent news reporting directed at specific patient populations, our steady stream of digital content serves as an honest broker of information for online users who are need of it. As a result, BioNews sites offer a degree of trust and authority that brand-heavy website platforms simply cannot deliver.

BioNews can conduct content campaigns around a wide range of biotech projects, including (but not limited to): upcoming clinical trials, soon-to-be approved pharmaceuticals, medical devices, public health initiatives, and investor relations.

To learn more about BioNews patient education services, contact us today for a free consultation.

Patient Education Benefits at a Glance:

Use BioNews-crafted info pages to raise awareness of your clinical trial, drug, or product within a patient population.

Foster engagement, conversation, and viral sharing through BioNews' robust social media delivery platform.

Keep clinical trial participants informed and compliant with the trial guidelines.

Leverage BioNews' e-mail marketing capabilities to deliver your message to prospects for maximum conversion rates.

Reach out to physicians, researchers, investors, and business stakeholders as well.

Read More About Our Patient Education Process:

Patients online are in a constant search for fresh, reliable information regarding the disease they are concerned about. BioNews’ websites give you the opportunity to reach out to patient populations through content campaigns that let you raise awareness about your brand, product, clinical trial, or other campaign. Our editorial staff will work with you to focus on topics that lead patients and prospects to your unique offerings.
BioNews offers more than just visibility on our daily digital news websites. Our platform also consists of robust social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, as well as ever-growing e-mail subscribers. All of these assets are tuned specifically to niche patient populations, allowing you to engage with patients directly through content and sponsored messaging.
There’s more to clinical trial enrollment than simply recruiting participants: once you have them, investigators and test centers need to keep patients engaged, informed, and compliant. Traditionally, this has been difficult for investigators and test centers. Let BioNews’ patient education capabilities keep your clinical trial participants involved in the process so that they feel plugged in to the process and engaged.
In addition to patients, BioNews can help you educate other key interest groups, such as physicians, researchers, investors, business stakeholders, and other influencers in virtually any biotech, health, or life sciences circle.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation:

Time and time again, our patient education services have helped drug developers remain on-time and on-budget with their enrollment needs. If you are interested in hearing more about our ability to reach and communicate with patients, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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